Equipping to Unleash


We know there are plenty of people out there to do good to: our family members, our coworkers, our neighbors, the poor, the lost, and the list keeps going on. There are some many good places to serve so how can one even get started? 

Living a life on mission is a journey that starts with a small step. Here are a few steps that we've put together to help equip you so that you can begin to experience the life God is offering you and help others experience it. See, it's not about doing more, but about pointing others to Jesus as we do it. 


Bethany gatherings literally could not happen without the massive amount of volunteering our people do on Sundays and through the week. Volunteers do all kinds of things: they take care of your kids, make your coffee, set up your chairs, and run A/V.

We’re always in need of more! If you’d like to serve at Bethany, email the director of ministry operations and she can get you plugged in.

See the full list of service opportunities here.



We don't want to just transform ourselves- we want to transform our communities and the world with the Gospel. We often start with making sure the physical needs of our neighbors are met. That's why we have a variety of signature ministries that we can help connect you with to begin to step into our neighborhoods (or even travel some distance) to meet those needs. To find out how to get involved in our communities and to view a complete list of our signature ministries that we donate to, click here



Serving through the church is just the start to begin to equip you to live a life on mission. See, the Great Commission is not for a select few; it is for the entire church and we want to equip you in order to unleash you- into your family, your workplace, and your neighborhood to become an everyday missionary. It's about practicing a life on mission where God has placed you. When we choose to join God on His mission through His church, we dare to be the everyday missionaries He has called us to be.