Christian, Disciple, Believer,  Follower, Evangelical, Protestant, Methodist


There are so many terms and interpretations out there that sometimes these titles can begin to lose some of their meaning and focus. We are striving to bring back clarity to what is means to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ. We believe that a disciple is someone who wants to be like Jesus and do things like Jesus- to follow His command to MAKE DISCIPLES (Matthew 28:16-20) by doing it the way He did it- through  intentional and relational modeling.  


 We think the best way to make disciples is to make disciple-makers, because that’s what Jesus did.  



So what exactly does an equipped disciple maker look like? 



We work with Navigators Ministry as we work to equip people to become disciple makers so we can unleash them into our community and around the world. Here is a little more about our local Navigator and the work he is doing.

So what does disciple-making look like?

The best thing about disciple making is that it is relatively  simple. In fact it can be so simple, it can be foreign to us. You don't need a curriculum- just a Bible.  You do life together. You point others to Jesus as you engage with them RELATIONALLY and INTENTIONALLY. You don't have to know all the answers, but you pray together, read the Bible together, and learn to rely on the Holy Spirit. You learn how to walk and mature in your faith and then- this is the big difference for most people- you learn to do it for others. You keep the cycle going by being



Disciple Makers Who Make Disciples

 You get to KNOW Christ so you can begin to invite others to KNOW Christ. You GROW in your faith and then begin others to GROW in theirs. You seek to SHOW Christ's love with those around you so you can then begin to SHOW His love to the world. 



How do I get involved in disciple making?

There are several avenues to get involved with disciple making. If you are already connected with the community at Bethany, we encourage you to take the next step on our Disciple Making Pathway. While making disciples is organic, we also recognize that sometimes we need specific places to start so we can create relationships and help each other along the way.  Check out our pathway here