So you've attended a Sunday morning gathering and we've passed the muster. Now you'd like to get to know us and this Jesus fellow a little more. So what do you do next? Although every person's journey is a little different, we suggest you follow the pathway laid out below.


1. Start with coffee


2. Get connected with a class


Sunday classes are an easy way to step into a

group and get connected. They are designed

to help you get to KNOW more about

who Jesus is and what it means to live

a Christ-centered life, while beginning

to GROW with others.



 Life groups are the next  step in helping you to 

get connected and GROW in your faith.

They meet in homes, allowing people to begin

to get to know one another more  deeply and

engage in Christ's mission together.

3. Begin to transform your life


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4. And then begin to help others


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We are passionate about not just becoming

disciples of Jesus, but becoming disciple

makers so we can help others experience

the life God offers! Disciple makers

are always growing, but their primary

purpose is to help others get to  KNOW

Christ and GROW in their faith by

SHOWing them how to live it out everyday.

still need some help figuring it all out?

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