Sunday classes are designed to help meet your busy schedule and get you started on a pathway to becoming a fully equipped disciple maker. 

Sandwiched between our two worship gatherings, we have a Sunday Class Hour (9:45a).  For most people, this will be their first step to getting connected with other people in the church. It is a place to begin to understand the love of God and how we can experience the life He offers.  We offer 2 main kinds of classes. One operates on a quarterly basis provides a pathway to help you get some foundational and applicable tools while also building relationships. The other type of classes are more like small groups and meet on an ongoing basis to do a Bible study and pray together. Click here for the full list of them.


How do I get started with a class?

Our pathway classes operate on a quarterly schedule to make it easier to get started and to allow people to take a break, participate in a workshops, using the hour to build disciple making relationships, volunteer for a season, and transition to life groups as needed.  You can click on the classes below to register. Some classes have suggested donation fees to help cover books (but it's not required!). Nursery and age appropriate classes are also offered for children and students at the same times. Click here to find out more.


I missed the start of the quarter, but I'm ready to get started with a class. What do I do?

In between quarter start dates, we encourage you to join us for This Is Bethany held on the first Sunday at the same time as the classes.  You can also jump in at anytime to the Beyond SundayClass. This class meets in the Family Life Center, providing a discussion and deeper study of the topic of the sermon.  You can also watch for the quarterly workshops we offer, like Discipling Your Children, Learning to Fast, Technology Support, and more. 
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We will be diving into Isaiah this Advent Season. Drop in any Sunday!


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Upcoming Class: 
What is the
A Bethany Membership Pre-Requisite Class*
Begins January 5, 2020
¬†I am the church. You are the church. WE are the church TOGETHER. One of the marks of a spiritually mature believer is engaging with others in meaningful relationships. In this 10 week class, you‚Äôll discover the critical importance of ‚Äúdoing life‚ÄĚ in close fellowship with other believers to draw closer with Jesus, for the mission of reaching the world. Open to anyone interested in discovering more about the role and purpose of the church. After the class, the opportunity will be given to go further and apply for membership.¬†
*Beginning in 2020, this class is a required course for anyone interested in becoming a member at Bethany. Membership vows will be taken in Spring 2020.
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An Exploration of Life,  Friendship, and Faith
November 3-December 15; RM 114

 Life can be a terribly long road, one not meant to be traveled alone. Yet we frequently find ourselves... alone. Push explores the dynamics of life, the challenges of friendship, and the power faith can have in guiding us through the struggles we face.

Push is a six-week, video-based study that accompanies Justin and Patrick's book I'll Push You. This is an opportunity for individuals, small groups, and faith-based organizations to draw closer to one another, enter into deeper relationships, and discover the potential of their community or church.

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The Disciple Making Parent
Sept. 15-Nov. 3

We know we are supposed to disciple our kids, but most of us don't know where to start! It can be hard enough just navigating the food, clothes, and homework minefields. For this 8 week class, we will be reading and discussing Chap Bettis' book The Disciple Making Parent. Reviewed as "A good book helps me better understand the purpose of parenting and helps me better fulfill my God-given duties, " we will use this book as a guide to explore both why we need to disciple our kids and how to do so in a practical sense.

Class will be facilitated by experienced parents who can share insights into their strenghts and weaknesses as they raised their children. Parents of all ages are welcome. Suggested donation to cover cost of the book is $15.

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