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When it comes to families, we believe...

The Family is God’s Plan A for Disciple Making -We see parents as the primary disciple makers. The Church is called to help parents recognize themselves as primary disciple makers & focus on helping equip parents and being partners with them. The Bible is the basis for the formation of our ministry and we want to discover God's plan together, as a partnership between families and the church.

-Relational & intergenerational community is key -We cannot make a child grow up to be a disciple of Jesus, but we can create an environment where discipleship is more likely to happen.  Our strategy for Family Ministries revolves around creating environments that foster discipleship for infants through college students. Specifically, we envision the church and the home partnering together to create three kinds of environments:

Children have an active and valuable role to play in the Kingdom of God (Children are also our brothers, sisters, and friends with whom we practice mutual encouragement, forgiveness, submission, and love in all our ways. In the process, parents grow and facilitate their children’s growth in relationships—with God, with one another, with those in God’s household, and with those who are yet to be in God’s household. We must recognize that they have their own mission fields (school, activities, etc) and we should be helping to equip them not just for adulthood, but for their everyday lives. Their faith can also provide lessons to us as adults.  This is evidenced by Jesus letting the children come to me. He invited them in, but as children, not requiring them to change or behave as adults.)

All children, teens, and their families, whether lost or found, are welcome in God’s house, and should be encouraged to “come and see.”- We want to connect and build the kingdom the way Jesus did. He actively sought out the lost, the curious, those who "didn't quite fit in", and invited them to come and see what He had to offer. Finding out more about Jesus through what Bethany offers is open to ANYONE who wants to discover who Jesus is.