We serve a giving God. God has given us the good things of creation to enjoy: food, clothing, rainbows, baby giggles, and the rest. He’s given us family and friendship. And He’s given His Son’s life for ours, all out of His lavish grace.

Because of that, we want our people to learn to give too – to give to the poor, and to give to the work of the church. You’ll hear this in a service if you haven’t been: we cheerfully and heartily don’t expect our visitors to give, but we cheerfully and heartily do expect members and regulars to.

All our financial contributions are handled securely by Bethany Church and are tax-deductible. You can give online through the link below, drop the money in the basket on Sunday morning, or you can give by mailing directly to Bethany – all the options are below.

If you have financial questions, please email




Make checks payable to “Bethany Church” 
Bethany Church
6388 Cincinnati Dayton Rd.
Liberty Twp, OH 45044

You may also contribute using the Give+ app, available on both the App Store and Google Play:

For more information about contributing through the Give+ app, view the “How It Works” guide.




Use envelopes or just drop your gift in the basket at either service.